Film producer

I’m Jannis, born in 96, passionate traveler and film producer from Leverkusen. In 2015 I produced my travel movie Hyperborea – Hitchhiking to the North Cape which was presented in more than 40 cinemas in Germany. The film has inspired thousands of people. Since then, I have been on the road as a film producer in the world, creating corporate videos and commercials which help my clients increase sales. I also organize workshops and lectures on film production.
My films are modern and goal-oriented.
With my background as a freelance copywriter, I know how to attract website visitors using the AIDA model. In addition to copywriting, I have realized many of my own projects, including my bestseller eBook, Sud – An adventure trip to the south which has registered well over a thousand readers.
I can therefore empathize with my clients and create a movie that will help them achieve the goals they have set for their business.

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