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Why video?

Reach up to
Percent Purchase Rate

Websites with video achieve on average a five to ten times higher purchase rate than sites without video. That is, if only five percent of your website visitors now buy your product, there is a very high chance that they could buy almost every second after the film production!
Therefore, I offer all-in-one video production for everyone; whether you have a blog, an online shop, or offer services. I accompany the entire process from brainstorming about the actual video production and post-production up to the finished commercial.


€990 *

starting fromBasic video are simple promotional videos without scene changes. You can even stand in front of the camera and introduce yourself and your company. It is the affordable solution for a professional video for your website.

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€14.500 *

starting fromThe premium package offers the greatest creative freedom. Whether drone shot, time-lapse, slow motion, macro, time freeze or paralax effect, with individually composed film music and unique sound effects from the recording studio, with voiceover by professional speakers and logo animation from Motion Designers; my team and I create a commercial that leaves no desire unfulfilled.

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What’s included?

  • Connector.

    Total price

    The price covers all costs, including the targeted concept development, video shoot and post-production, usage rights, music license and delivery of the finished video. The price indicated is therefore the price you actually end up paying for the final video.

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    Change requests on the finished video costs 90 euros per hour. The rights to the raw images remain with me, but I don’t mind delivering a few individual sequences without an extra charge. If interested, please let me know! Since my videos have a massive advertising impact, I also take advantage of it to insert a short text, “A film by Jannis Riebschläger” at the end of the video. I can omit this branding for a surcharge of 10% on package price. Do you want the video to be uploaded directly to your site, or do you want a complete video advertising campaign?
    Other special services can be found here!

How does the film production work?

  • Place an initial non-binding request using the contact form below.
  • We make an appointment for an interview (in person, by phone or via Skype).
  • I design the targeted concept for the video production of your commercials.
  • Another conversation follows in which I present the concept to you. If you agree, we will make an appointment for the video shoot.
  • You pay an upfront deposit of 50% of the price.
  • We shoot the video.
  • My team and I do the post-production of commercials.
  • I deliver the finished commercial in high resolution cinema quality and optimized for web use with stereo sound via download link.
  • You make the final payment.

When should I make the request?

Ideally, you should place your request as early as possible as I’m usually booked well in advance. However, the flexible team size and my freelancers make it possible to realize a film production within one to two weeks in urgent cases. This may however be subject to a surcharge.

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