Additional Services

Since I am a film producer on a large network of freelancers, I am also able to offer many additional services beyond film production at an extra cost.
Simply write your request if you are interested in services beyond the film production. I will then create an individual offer with a cost breakdown for the additional services. If you agree, I will take care of the entire execution and coordinate the processes for you.

I can, for example, handle a complete video campaign on Facebook and YouTube for you, or take care of the hosting in a professional player (so the video looks better than on YouTube). I can upload the video to your website, build a website around the video and direct visitors to you using Google advertising. I am also able to promote your video on Blogs, YouTube Channels or Instagram. I can as well put together large film crews so as to realize your project in a very short time, or organize photographers and videographers and put together the “Behind the Scenes” material for Facebook and professional photos for your website.
All you have to do is take care of the bills then sit back and watch your sales increase!